I build enormous audiences for web shows. I’ve done this kind of work (some people call it content strategy or audience development) for numerous entertainment companies including TMZ, Sony, Comedy Central and Discovery Digital Networks (Revision3). Right now, I’m a Creative Director at Defy Media. I’ve literally brought hundreds of millions of views to web shows and YouTube channels through storytelling that stands out, high concepts and all the tactics/buzzwords you hear in internet marketing — and many underground ones you haven’t!

I enjoy bringing creative content strategy together with analytics and video discovery — I believe these creative and technology components of great web entertainment are inseparable.

That’s why I’ve spent a lot of time on a variety of creative projects. At Defy Media, I’ve developed more than a dozen shows. I appeared consistently on TMZ on TV while I worked there building its digital video presence from infancy. While at Revision3, I produced a web show starring Penn from Penn & Teller. Back in college I collaborated with some pals to start HackCollege, one of the top 1000 sites on the entire internet, which we sold in 2011. And I designed, manufactured, crowdfunded and marketed a party game called Deck Around. I’m also a magician and member of the Magic Castle.

I used to do a moderate amount of freelance writing and my stuff can be found in Wired, Lifehacker, the Los Angeles Times Technology section, Sports Illustrated, and strewn across Internet Superstar and other Revision3 shows.

I’m always game for a good laugh and a fantastic coffee (I roast my own!) so don’t hesitate to contact me and let’s have a cuppa.