Monthly Archives: August 2008

Why TwitterMail is the best iPhone Tweeter

I’m tired of every Twitter application for the iPhone. Some are buggy, some are too complicated, others are slow. My solution is a little hack with the fantastic TwitterMail. As far as I’m concerned, it ends the debate. Regardless of what app you use to check Twitter, everyone should use TwitterMail for just plain Tweeting.

It sets up a unique email address that you can Tweet through. The contents of that email equals your Tweet. Here’s why it’s great: it isn’t dependent on an internet connection. When you open Mail, it doesn’t load a hundred other tweets or some buggy code like most other application. It just loads the robust Mail app. And even if you don’t have an internet connection, it’ll save your Tweet in the outbox until you get connected again. It’s fast and easy.

Sealing panels

We’ve put together a pitch for a panel concept at 2009’s SXSWi Festival, and 30% of sealing the deal is a poll of potential conference attendees. Even if you’re unlikely to attend the conference, it’d really be swell if you voted for it. It’s called “The Student 2.0 Revolution” and it’s about how Web 2.0 is shifting the playing field on college campuses and the administrators who stand in the way of that.

The ironic part about whoring out a self-promotiomal blog post on this is: does anyone read this blog? And even if someone does, wouldn’t they already know about the panel? Well, either way, it can’t hurt.