Before pivoting into Programming, I spent my career making videos that millions of people watch on apps, tablets and YouTube! I acted as producer, writer or EP on all of these projects. I’ve been intimately involved in creatively honing and developing each one — most of them I ushered from one sentence in an email into a complete production with a cohesive creative team that’s on budget and earns a consistent audience.


In college, I hustled for some freelance writing gigs. Although these are links, most of them appeared in real glossy print in a legit magazine! Have a read.

Los Angeles Times, Technology Blog – Start your own print media company with MagCloud

WiredHack a Hottie’s Digits

WiredPush a coin through a table

Sports IllustratedFormer Cleveland Stater now card shark

Sports IllustratedThe 10 Best College Sports Pranks

LifehackerFive Classic Ways to Boost Your Note-Taking

LifehackerGetting Things Done Explained for Students

Young MoneyHow to Get All of Your Textbooks for Free

Campus CircleThe limo that charges like a taxi (teased on cover, flip to page 6)

The College Years

In college when most of my peers were focused on indie filmmaking, I became interested in digital video — before YouTube! Here are some of those projects.

These are highlights from my junior thesis from back in college.

My friend and I used to make a weekly web show and podcast called Hack College. Here’s a taste.

Print design

Basic single-page tabloid color layout, PDF download

Basic single-page tabloid B&W layout, PDF download (including an article I wrote)

Double-truck tabloid color photo layout, JPG download (plus captions)