Monthly Archives: March 2009

I’m starting my own magazine. Not.

Hooray! It’s my first official LA Times Tech Blog post! It’s about how I’m starting my own magazine. Or how I could if I wanted to.

And you thought starting a blog was easy…

Why start a blog when you can start a nice, glossy print magazine? Hewlett-Packard recently launched a new service called MagCloud, which flattens the entire magazine distribution process into one website. Give HP the content in PDF form and out comes a magazine. The cost: 20 cents per page. HP handles all the printing, mailing and subscription management. Users can set the subscription price for their rag (above the base price plus postage), leaving some room for profit if they choose. Gutenberg would be proud.

…Read the full story at the LA Times Technology blog


Another day at the L.A. Times. In case you didn’t know: the Tribune Company, its owner, is dying along with every other newspaper on the planet.

The thing that strikes me day after day — whether I’m at the L.A. Times, or talking with a studio friend, or sitting in a film class — is this: You can’t do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. The economy is no excuse — some media companies are doing okay right now.

New Media is hard, but it’s not as un-paved as people keep saying it is. There are ways of making money. There are ways of finding an audience. But they aren’t the same as the old ways.