Talks & Lectures

VidCon Industry Panel: Understanding the Influence Between Brand and Content Creators

I moderated a standing-room-only panel at Vidcon about running effective influencer marketing campaigns with executives from Samsung, Taco Bell and Captiv8. I cannot overstate how packed this room was, it was overflowing. I also got to meet Peter Kafka right before!

Description: When brands engage creators with an interest in doing an “Influencer Program,” there are ways to make that process seamless and simple. But that’s easier said than done. Often, expectations are misaligned. Budgets are random. And execution is clunky. In this session, we will explore the best practices of an Influencer Program as we dig into the 5 core components (Authenticity, Audience, Content, Quality and Measurement), highlight successful (and unsuccessful) influencer programs, and provide a template for launching an influencer program from start to finish. attendees will walk away with smart questions to ask a content creator as they enter a partnership, learn how to package and price a campaign, and gain comfort in and excitement for the Influencer Opportunity.

Digital Media Courses at LMU School of Film & Television

Over the years, I have taught 4 semesters of bespoke digital content production classes at Loyola Marymount University’s School of Film & Television.

Introduction to Digital Platforms

Description: Digital platforms have not only come to dominate the entertainment industry but companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon are among the most powerful and valuable businesses in the world. This introductory class will give students an overview of the most significant digital platforms in media through case studies, lectures and by meeting the executives who run them.

Your “Intro to Digital Platforms Class” was one of the few classes at LMU that really made me start seeing the film/media industry as a real set of fallible businesses, rather than some unattainable concept of “Hollywood.”

Building a Digital Brand

Description: In the today’s economy, it’s not enough to have great ideas. Masters of entertainment know how to build lucrative brands and attract audiences to their shows, movies, music and talent. In “Building a Digital Brand,” students will learn the basic strategies behind brand-building by creating their own digital brand.

Digital Media Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Disruption

Description: Exploring the digital media ecosystem, this course examines how YouTube stars, Facebook influencers, and companies like Vice and Netflix have grown to rival traditional media, set against a backdrop of entrepreneurial startups, legacy media evolution, and pivotal industry mergers and collaborations. We will look at how we make, distribute and consume media. Students will get a deeper understanding of the media space, entrepreneurial thinking, as well as context around players in today’s media space. We will focus on entrepreneurs, innovative companies and creators revolutionizing media. The class will feature cases, articles, speakers and in-class discussion. We will cover key categories and innovative companies that are defining today’s next generation of media in: 1) Consumer platforms 2) Programmers and content 3) Innovation (VR, AR, Podcasting and gaming)

Web Video Distribution

Description: Web Video Distribution exploits every modern method of independent digital marketing, monetization and distribution. Through implementing each method, students will learn from experience which tactics best serve content to their audience. Students will learn how independent online production can actually lead to a realistic business model and earn them valuable exposure online.

NBC at the Consumer Electronics Show

At CES in 2009, I hosted live and taped segments from NBC Universal’s booth. Segments covered eReaders, OTT devices and ultra-small laptops.