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Farewell Defy!

Sadly, it’s time to part ways with Defy! I’m making a slight career realignment to find a big next move that embraces everything I love about creative storytelling and digital strategy.

I wish the best to Defy Media and Clevver as they continue to challenge traditional entertainment. It’s a thrilling battle! I’m going to miss the team a ton. I’ll never forget the energy in those cluttered halls — it springs from every individual’s culture, attitude and passion. It’s completely infectious and it’s changed how I look at creativity.

Over the coming weeks, I plan to put a lot more time into my class at LMU, a cool new side project, a new launch for Deck Around and even the blog you’re reading right now. Most of all, I’m thrilled for what’s next and ready for the adventure ahead. Onward!

Audience Development for Revision3

I’m doing Audience Development for Revision3! Revision3 is a digital studio in San Francisco that creates roughly 20 original HD programs that you can watch online, on your phone or on a fancy internet TV box thing. I interned there a few years ago.

Audience development includes a lot of cool stuff but it basically means that I’ll be doing what ever it takes to earn more views for Revision3’s shows. I’m just going to work on getting the biggest bang out of my 8-hour days. If, somehow, adding pictures of Jason Derulo to the thumbnails for every episode of every show turns out to have the best ROI, that’s what I’ll do. But things like solid title copywriting, keyword optimization and forging new distribution agreements are likely to have more of an impact on viewership.

Thumbnails are going to make a big difference. But including pictures of Jason Derulo won’t be that important. Including pictures of Justin Bieber will.

Researching for Tosh.0 on Comedy Central

tosh.0 logoSome how, I landed an incredible job. I get paid to browse the internet — don’t we all?

Tosh.0 is a weekly half-hour variety show hosted by Daniel Tosh that makes fun of the internet and my job is integral to that concept. I pitch the best of the web to the writer’s room and what they don’t use, I write about with my own take at the Tosh.0 blog. I also manage some of the social media presence and a lot of the video distribution.

It’s been more than a month. Here are a few of my posts so far:

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If you want more you can check out my latest posts or subscribe to a feed of my Tosh.0 contributions.

Car Stunts 101

I’ve been working on 2nd unit shooting some action stuff for GI Joe. Though I’d love to take credit for the amazing stuff we’re pulling off, I’m just a lowly Production Assistant.

Some ass hole shot some of the stuff and put it up on YouTube. Free publicity for Paramount! Enjoy the Euro music choices.