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Incant on the Internet

On Tuesday, an new CD of religious chants will be released in the US. Why am I interested in the Cistercian monks of the Stift Heiligenkreuz? Because, according to the New York Times:

“Chant: Music for Paradise,” was released in Europe in May — and shot to No. 7 in the British pop charts, at one point outselling releases from Amy Winehouse and Madonna. 

Quite ironically, the monks are a little opposed to their newfound popularity. After all, how can a celebrity simultaneously devote himself to isolation? 

The group got hooked up with Universal Records when a rep got tipped off to the monks’ YouTube video. 

Gossip Assistant

This article was orignially published in the official Revision3 intern blog. I’ll be interning with Revision3 through August 2008.

I have a secret and for a while, I’ve been embarrassed to admit it. My Facebook profile is missing a piece, my Twitter account has yet to comment and at every mention of New York (a city I’ve never even visited before) I have to bite my tongue to avoid divulging this personal bit.

I watch Gossip Girl. And I like it.

I find myself rationalizing this immature fondness much more than my pretentious coffee hobby, my iPhone ownership or even my brief “Toxic” obsession. But in my Gossip Girl rationalizations, a pattern has emerged: I’m convinced that the show is actually good. So, here I am, sharing a testament to its wisdom.

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