Monthly Archives: June 2009

Researching for Tosh.0 on Comedy Central

tosh.0 logoSome how, I landed an incredible job. I get paid to browse the internet — don’t we all?

Tosh.0 is a weekly half-hour variety show hosted by Daniel Tosh that makes fun of the internet and my job is integral to that concept. I pitch the best of the web to the writer’s room and what they don’t use, I write about with my own take at the Tosh.0 blog. I also manage some of the social media presence and a lot of the video distribution.

It’s been more than a month. Here are a few of my posts so far:

“Coffee Making Robot”

Cover of The New Yorker Created on iPhone

5 Lego Fashion Trends That Never Took Off

A Dictionary Informed by the Internet

Long-Hair Brusher Guys

Is That How You Treat Your Mother?

A Site Dedicated to User-Submitted Street Mattresses

Tron Guy Forced to Sell Airplane

If you want more you can check out my latest posts or subscribe to a feed of my Tosh.0 contributions.