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Free, Editable Google Slides Conversion Funnel for Sales, Marketing and Social Media Presentations

UPDATE 2/16/2024: Thank you to everyone who’s come to use this template! You’re in good company. Over the past several years, executives have used this slide who work at Capital One, PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), Verizon Wireless, National Research Group, Equifax, Mathison and Flipkart — and those are just the ones who reached out to me! If you’re finding it helpful, please let me know or buy me a coffee (and expense it to your company!)

I love to use conversion funnels to help structure and organize my consulting presentations. I find that funnels can help describe everything from marketing plans and social content strategies to casting actors and hiring talent.

I almost always keep my presentations simple by doing them in Google Slides and I’ve built a really basic funnel template that I use over and over again in the program. I thought it would be worth sharing because the first time I needed one of these, it was in a time crunch and I couldn’t find a simple enough template. Here it is for you to swipe and use in your own presentations! You can customize the colors and text to your subject.

Google Slides conversion funnel template


Here are the instructions which are also included in the link:

  1. Go to File > Make a Copy… because this funnel is in view-only mode
  2. Edit the text in each layer of the funnel — you can add types of content, audience estimates or percentages
  3. I like to color-code presentations to help people follow my slides — you can do this by starting with a full funnel as your “table of contents” slide then using the colors from each section of the funnel when you explain each layer in more depth; you can also switch the funnel colors to grey if you want to de-emphasize them during your presentations (see next slide)