I am posting a YouTube video

All around, this is weird. I don’t like music videos (in fact, I think they might die some day). I don’t like people who post funny YouTube videos on their blogs. But here I am, spiting both beliefs.

Besides its great entertainment value, this is one music video that’s worth a look because it’s a sign of the times. It’s a music video designed for the ‘net. I’m not saying that this is some insipid marketing scheme. I’m just noting that we’re so immersed in this new media world that a music video concept revolving around post-modern viral video anecdotes makes perfect sense — in fact, it seems ingenious for some reason. The reason is that you’re probably watching it on YouTube in the first place. You’re certainly not watching it on MTV.

And speaking of YouTube, I’d like to plug an interesting and relevant new project called YouTomb. If you’re like me, you’ll quite enjoy the concept.